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PE Pipes & Fittings

Anuja Ceramics manufactures a wide range of Polyethylene pipes both High Density (HDPE) & Medium Density (MDPE) conforming to various standards viz., BIS, BS, DIN & ISO to name a few.

HDPE has a relatively high molecular weight compared to MDPE and is superior in terms of abrasion resistance and impact strength. It is also strongly resistant to stress cracking and has low creep rupture properties. It has excellent insulation properties over a wide range of frequencies and is not chemically active. HDPE pipes are one of the two largest thermoplastic pipelines available and by far the most versatile.

PE pipes for water is available in black colour: Water Supply & Sewerage

Pe Pipes
Pe Pipes

Pe Pipes
Pe Pipes

Pe Pipes
Pe Pipes

Pe Pipes
Pe Pipes



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Features & Benefits


• Light weight
• Flexible
• Chemical resistance
• Overall toughness
• Longevity


• Light weight, strong, long lasting and maintenance free.
• Flexible due to inherent elasticity and can be supplied joint less in long lengths of up to 100m, particularly the smaller diameter pipes.
• Tough due to high flexural and impact strength.
• Capable of withstanding high internal and external loads by balancing internal fluid pressure with external soil pressure.
• Chemically inert and resistant to chemicals and hostile corrosive soil.
• Strongly resistant to acids, as well as alkalis and can be laid in marshy and corrosive soils without any coating or cathode based protection.
• Highly resistant to abrasion and suitable for transportation of slurry, boiler ash, ores, beach sands etc.
• Highly efficient as insulating media and requires minimal insulation while carrying chilled water.
• Offers very low frictional resistance to fluid flow and saves pumping energy costs.
• Remains free from encrustation throughout its life span and provided uniform flow throughout.
• Easy weld ability ensures quick joining by most reliable Butt Fusion techniques.
• Physiologically harmless as the pipes are tasteless, odorless and cause no bacterial growth. Suitable for transportation of potable water.


• Drinking Water Supply Systems
• Telecom pipes
• Gas pipes